'Aaron won't be able to deal with hearing 'Not guilty'!' says Emmerdale's Danny Miller

Emmerdale’s Aaron has lived for years with the hell his father put him through… Now he has to go through the hell of a court case to get justice, as Danny Miller tells Soaplife…

As Aaron Livesy takes the stand at Gordon’s trial, Robert Sugden (Ryan Hayley) is right there by his side. It’s as if the whole taking Aaron hostage and almost killing Paddy (Dominic Brunt) twice thing never happened! But Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), for one, is glad Aaron has support. He’s certainly going to need it because Gordon Livesy will try every trick in the book to walk free.

“Aaron’s really nervous about the trial,” said Danny. “He knows Gordon’s going to lie and his confidence is knocked.”

How does Aaron rate his chances in court?

“He believes Gordon [Gary Mavers] is going to get away with it and he even wonders if it is worth bothering to appear in court.”

How important is Robert’s support to Aaron?

“It’s hugely important. Of course, Aaron has his mum, Chas [Lucy Pargeter], there, but Robert is his rock at the moment.”

So Aaron’s forgiven Robert for all the things he’s done?

“He knows people make mistakes and because he loves Robert he wants to block out everything that’s happened and start again. He knew Robert was in a very dark place when he did those bad things.”

How does he feel about his half-sister, Liv, and his stepmum, Sandra (Joanne Mitchell), taking the stand?

“He’s terrified. He’s worried both of them will make the jury think Gordon isn’t guilty, or perhaps not even turn up at all. They’re known for just packing up and doing one.”

How would Aaron cope if the verdict is 'not guilty'?

“That’s something he’s thinking about. He’s preparing to hear those words. But, if he does, I don’t think he’ll be able to deal with it. Whatever the verdict, Aaron wants to move on because he’s had to carry this with him for so many years.”

And if it is 'Guilty'?

“He’d have justice for the little boy he left years ago and Gordon would go to prison. But Gordon is still his dad and he won’t be able to shut off those feelings and emotions. Gordon’s never admitted to Aaron what he did and Aaron would like him do that.”

What would you like next for Aaron?

"We’re going to see his relationship with Liv develop. I’m looking forward to that.”

Can we expect to see 'Robron' again?

“The relationship is very popular with fans, but I don’t know if Robert and Aaron are going to live happily ever after. They’re certainly taking a big step in the right direction, though…”

Emmerdale, ITV