Adam and Victoria’s plans to start a family fall apart, reveals Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas

Emmerdale, Adam Barton

Emmerdale’s Adam and Victoria get some bad news when they have fertility tests…and Adam doesn’t take it well, Adam Thomas tells Soaplife

Getting pregnant isn’t proving easy for Victoria and Adam Barton and she is unhappy when her hopes are dashed again. So, Victoria’s stepmother, Diane, offers to pay for fertility tests. But Adam isn’t happy. “Adam is sure Victoria will fall pregnant eventually,” Adam Thomas tells Soaplife. “He doesn’t want to take Diane’s money, but Vic wears the trousers, so he has to agree.”

Was Adam disappointed to discover Victoria wasn’t pregnant after all? “He was. Victoria [Isabel Hodgins] has been so worried about conceiving, so when they thought she was pregnant, he was over the moon for her. She is gutted and now they are back to square one. She is convinced that she can’t get pregnant and that is putting stress on their marriage.”

Does Adam want a baby? “He is very keen. At first he wasn’t sure, but he could see how keen Victoria was and trying for one has made him realise that he wants to be a father. He lost his own dad and his step dad and now he wants to create a tight little family unit. They would make great parents.”

Does he wonder why Victoria hasn’t fallen pregnant yet? “No, but Victoria is putting doubts in his mind. He thinks it will happen. They are young; they just need to be patient.”

What happens when Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) offers money for fertility tests? “Adam is putting on a brave face because he doesn’t want Vic to worry. She thinks it is her fault there isn’t a baby on the way. He is happy to assume it will all be okay, but Victoria wants the tests, so they have them done.”

And what are the results? “Basically, it is bad news.”

How does Adam take it? “Not well. He hits the bottle, takes his anger out on other people and has a bit of a fight with Ronnie [John McArdle].”

Is Ronnie angry? “No, eventually they have a little heart-to-heart, which is nice as I think Adam wants a manly figure to talk to.”

Where do Adam and Victoria go from here? “It is a rocky road. They have already been through so much together, with Adam thinking he was Vanessa’s baby Johnny’s dad. The fact that Victoria was prepared to take Johnny on shows what an amazing woman she is. It will be tough, but they always come out of these things together, so I hope they do this time. What they need to do is talk to each other, not bottle up their feelings.”

Would you like them to have a baby? “Yes, it would be nice for them, and for Adam’s mum Moira [Natalie J Robb], who has lost Holly, and for Diane, who wants to be a grandma, too. It would bring so much happiness. And I love working with babies. I am a dad myself and enjoy being around kids.”

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