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Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden: 'Rakesh tells David that Pollard could be looking at prison'

As Eric Pollard’s grief deepens and his need to avenge Val’s death intensifies, David finds himself facing life without his father, Emmerdale (opens in new tab)’s Matthew Wolfenden reveals to Soaplife.

David Metcalfe has gone above and beyond to take care of his dad, Eric Pollard, since Val was killed in that helicopter crash. He gave up his marriage to look after the grief-stricken widow, but Pollard has grown apart from him, not closer.

“Pollard is getting worse,” says Matthew (opens in new tab). “David is really worried about him and scared he’ll do something stupid…”

How bad is Pollard?

“His house is a wreck and he is spiralling into a depression. It looks to David as if he is having a breakdown.”

Leyla’s worried about him, too, isn’t she?

“She’s shocked when she sees Pollard [Chris Chittel (opens in new tab)l (opens in new tab)], as he looks rough. Leyla believes he has a serious problem.”

It sounds like it! Is that why David breaks in?

“He knows that the boiler has broken and Leyla [Roxy Shahidi (opens in new tab)] is worried Pollard might try and fix it himself and end up doing something dangerous.  Pollard doesn’t answer the door, so David kicks it down.”

What is it like inside the house?

“There’s a shrine to Val [Charlie Hardwick (opens in new tab)] and the video that she left Pollard is playing on a loop. There are dirty plates and clothes all over the place. Pollard has got Val’s clothes out and has put them on the sofa, where she would have sat. Pollard himself looks terrible. He’s dishevelled, he has grown a beard and is wrapped up in layers because the house is freezing.”

So why does David handcuff himself to the banister?

“For some reason, David has a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs by his bed. He goes back to Pollard’s, lets himself in and attaches himself to the banister. He says to his dad: ‘You’re not getting rid of me now’.”


“Pollard takes the keys to the handcuffs and leaves David there overnight. Nikhil [Rik Makarem (opens in new tab)] rescues him, but he can’t get to Pollard before he does something drastic…”

What does he do?

“Pollard’s gone to court to see Chrissie [Louise Marwood (opens in new tab)] jailed for causing the accident that killed Val. By the time David gets there, though, Pollard has done something and is being taken away by the police. David is devastated as Rakesh [Pasha Bocarie (opens in new tab)] tells him that his dad could be looking at a prison sentence.”

And there’s more drama back at Pollard’s house…

“Somebody has broken in and stolen Val’s ring. Pollard is so upset; he boards all the windows up and says that nobody is coming into the house again. David is so worried that he pitches a tent outside the house and spends the night there.”

Is there any hope for David and Pollard’s relationship?

“It’s going to be a big Christmas for them and I hope they can turn things around.”

Emmerdale (opens in new tab), ITV.