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Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher says: 'It was very upsetting filming those final scenes.'

As Katie (Sammy Winward) makes a shock exit from Emmerdale, we chat to Kelvin Fletcher about the tragedy set to rock the village, losing his longtime co-star and filming all those emotional crying scenes.

Were you shocked when you found out Katie was being killed off?

"I think it needed to be an abrupt, heartbreaking end. The audience have really invested in Andy and Katie being back together again. So the storyline really deserved a big finish like this. And Sammy’s decision to leave was also very final anyway."

Did you get emotional filming your final scenes with Sammy?

"It’s been a great journey for both Sammy and myself. So I personally wanted to treasure every last minute of us working together. We tried to make those last moments between Katie and Andy just that bit more lustful, blissful so it made the fall that more tragic. It was very upsetting playing those scenes, where Andy finds Katie in the barn. But it certainly made her departure feel all the more real."

Did the cast have a big send-off for Sammy?

"We did. It was great, a real celebration of her time at Emmerdale. We were all sad to see her go. But we tried to put those thoughts aside and just enjoy our remaining time together."

Is this the most emotionally challenging storyline you've ever had?

"I’ve had quite a few emotional scenes over the years. They seem to enjoy seeing Andy’s emotional side! But this has been one of the most painful and difficult to play. There’s an element of realness with this storyline, like there was with the passing of Clive Hornby who played Jack Sugden. Although it sounds weird, you kind of look forward to playing these scenes as an actor. They’re what you dream of."

Does it put you in a gloomy mood, filming all those crying scenes?

"I thought I would shake it off. But I have struggled a bit with this. I’ve been at a bit of a loss. The storyline has been quite upsetting. It’s built up for weeks now. It has been very emotionally draining and you do actually feel as if you’ve lost someone. "

Viewers are going to be wondering what will happen if Andy finds out Robert was responsible for Katie's death!

"It's a great twist. In Andy's time of need, the one person who is there for him is Robert. That's also the tragedy of the storyline. So if Andy finds out, I think it will be like another death for him."

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