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Emmerdale's Zoe Henry: 'We were like soap fans on the edge of the sofa!' (VIDEO)

Zoe Henry said she was like a stunned soap fan when Emmerdale's series producer told her about Paddy's adultery storyline that would end in the death of his mistress.

Zoe, who plays Rhona Kirk in the ITV soap, told What's on TV: "Kate [Oates, producer] took Dominic [Brunt] and I into her office a couple of months ago and we were like soap fans on the edge of the sofa 'Oh my god!' We literally couldn't believe it was going to happen, all of this... we couldn't believe it was going to happen. Then she said 'And there's an accident', and we were like 'Oh my god!'"

She added: "Obviously because it was Nicola Stephenson [who played Tess] we wish she could be here a bit longer because she's brilliant and I've loved having her here. But I think it's an interesting and crazy end to her life, but not an end to the situation."

Zoe said Paddy's mournful behaviour after Tess's death eventually betrays the affair.

"It comes not as soon as you think actually," she said. "She thinks Paddy is grieving for somebody he knew and because he was there at the scene of the accident. So when it eventually comes out it's utter, utter shock and devastation, because of all the things she could have imagined Paddy doing, having an affair was really bottom of the list. So it's about trying to work her way through it  and how she can try and reconcile this situation and I think that's what will be interesting to watch."

Personally speaking, Zoe hopes Rhona and Paddy can survive the trauma as she loves working with Dominic, but she admitted it would take a long time.

Watch the interview with Zoe Henry, above."]