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Fiona Wade: 'Emmerdale is such a sexy cast' (VIDEO)

Emmerdale actress Fiona Wade says the current cast is as sexy as any in soapland right now.

Fiona, who plays Priya Sharma in the ITV soap, told What's on TV at the British Soap Awards: "I think Emmerdale is a really sexy cast. The guys, the girls, they're gorgeous. Obviously I'm not speaking for myself, I'm talking about them. They all look amazing tonight. Literally. Laura Norton (Kerry), Rokshi Shahidi (Leyla), Natalie Anderson (Alicia), Gemma Atkinson (Carly), they all look amazing." "]

Fiona said she wouldn't swap her role as Priya for anyone or anything. "I wouldn't support my part or my soap for anything," she said. "I love being in Emmerdale, love playing Priya, she's one of the best soap characters. She's just so much fun to play, different from me as a person and I like that. They glam me up a little bit, at seven in the morning when I get in, feeling really exhausted, so it's nice and they give me really lovely clothes."

Fiona teased romantic developments with Kirin Kotecha, played by Adam Fielding. "I think that's screened this week. I think he's just really upset over Vanessa, I think it's just one of those things that happen and, you know, Priya's been there for him, she's a bit of a support, so..."

The British Soap Awards screen on ITV this Thursday, May 21.