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Finally! 'Kerry realises she's seriously off the rails,' says Emmerdale Laura Norton

Kerry Wyatt, Emmerdale

What is Kerry's game? She torches the Dingles’ caravan then puts her own life in danger. Emmerdale's Laura Norton tries to get to grips with her issues

Kerry is in big trouble when she torches the Dingles’ caravan then puts her own life in danger. Emmerdale’s Laura Norton explains all to Soaplife…

Why does Kerry set fire to the Dingles’ caravan? “Her drinking’s out of control and this has affected her relationship with her grandson, Kyle. Cain Dingle gets really angry with her when she has an unsupervised visit with the lad. He isn’t giving her a break and, when Charity plants a seed and suggests she sets fire to the caravan to get back at Cain, she takes her up on it.”

Is she crazy? That’s so dangerous! “Charity spikes her drinks so she isn’t really thinking straight. Because Kerry’s already seen Cain, she assumes nobody is in the caravan and she sets fire to it. To her, it’s just a tatty old caravan and she doesn’t think she’s causing any harm.”

What does she think when Charity asks if she checked that Zak wasn’t inside? “There’s a moment of panic. She suddenly thinks, ‘What have I done?’ Yet again, Kerry’s done something and not thought of the consequences. It’s an incredibly sobering moment.”

Has she hit rock bottom? “I keep thinking she’s hit rock bottom, but then she manages to dig down a bit further. So, no, it’s not. She still has a way to go!”

What else goes wrong? “She manages to get time with Kyle on her own. She’s not feeling great – the drinking doesn’t sit well with her diabetes. She’s with Kyle at the footbridge when she feels dizzy. She tells Kyle to run off, then she passes out.”

Does Kyle fetch help? “He goes into the cafe and he finds Zak and Cain. He tells them what happened, but Cain assumes Kerry’s fallen down drunk and he doesn’t realise her life is in danger.”

Is she out on her own in the cold? “Yes. It’s freezing and Kerry’s got herself into a situation where she could die. Dan, Zak and Harriet Finch find her eventually and Dan revives her with some glucose.”

Will this be the wake-up call she needs? “It’s hard to say. Kerry has a good heart and she feels bad about putting Kyle in harm’s way. It makes her realise she’s seriously off the rails.”