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Natalie J Robb is feeling very blessed with her role in Emmerdale (VIDEO)

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The National TV Award-nominated actress Natalie J Robb says it doesn't matter how tough her storylines are, there's always a laugh to be had on set

She may not have won best Serial Drama Performer at the NTAs (it went to Lacey Turner), but Natalie J Robb says she feels 'very blessed' to play Moira Barton in Emmerdale.

Natalie told What's on TV on the red carpet: "It's still fun. The crew are lovely, the cast are lovely, we do have a laugh. There's never a day that goes by that I haven't had a smile or a laugh. The [daughter] Holly death stuff granted I was crying for 10 hours a day, so that was tough, it takes it out of you. But then you always have a laugh and see the funny side because it isn't real."

Reflecting on Moira's 2016, she said: "It's one challenge to the next so... I feel very very blessed at the moment because I keep getting stronger and stronger storylines. I can't complain and to be an actor in work, I feel very lucky."

Natalie may not have won her category, but Emmerdale was named Best Serial Drama at the National TV Awards, following their Best Soap triumph at the British Soap Awards