Emmerdale’s Ned Porteous: ‘I haven’t received too much hate mail!’

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Actor Ned Porteous talks about the pitfalls of playing Emmerdale’s sexy villain Joseph Tate and why he decides to jump off the edge of a quarry this week!

Emmerdale star Ned Porteous has talked to Soaplife about the latest antics of Joe Tate with his brother Noah that sees him leaping from a quarry for a dare. And what it’s like to be bad…

What’s the story?

Joe Tate has made a mess of just about every relationship he’s tried to form in Emmerdale and most of it is water off a duck’s back. But when things turn sour with his half-brother, Noah Dingle, he takes drastic action. ‘Noah’s become a very important part of Joe’s life,’ actor Ned Porteous tells Soaplife. ‘He’s trying to build this clean, friendly relationship and he ends up jumping into the quarry to impress him.’ Will Joe be okay?

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Ned Porteous’ interview with Soaplife about playing sexy baddie Joe Tate

Soaplife: Why is Joe Tate making such an effort with Noah?

Ned Porteous: “He’s the only family Joe has left and family means a lot to Joe. He sees this as a chance to start a relationship with someone from scratch. He genuinely wants to hang out with his brother.”

S: It’s not just to annoy Noah’s mum, Charity Dingle, then?

NP: “I’m sure he loves how much it irritates Charity, but deep down it is about wanting to be there for his brother.”

S; Why doesn’t Joe want to take Noah to the place where used to go with his dad, Chris Tate?

NP: “Noah has this idea of the relationship Joe had with Chris. The embarrassing thing is, Joe didn’t have that bond with his father. He barely knew him. Chris was always far too busy to spend time with him so all those cool, fun places they were supposed to have hung out don’t really exist.”

Emmerdale spoilers! Joe Tate plunges into a quarry and fails to resurface… is Joe dead?

Does Joe leap to his death?

S: Why does Noah get upset?

NP: “He has this idea that Joe is using him and he rushes off into the woods, and Joe follows.”

S: Where do they go?

NP: “They end up at the quarry and they have this heart-to-heart. You get to see Joe without all his money. It’s just two brothers together.”

S: Why does he jump into the quarry?

NP: “Noah dares him. Joe has a fear of heights, but he wants to impress his little brother.”

S: What do Emmerdale fans make of Joe?

NP: “Well, I haven’t received too much hate mail, so that’s good! I don’t spend much time on social media. But, from what I’ve heard, people seem to be enjoying the character.”

S: What do you make of Joe?

NP: “I’m fascinated by how he’ll try and push things quite far to get what he wants. I wouldn’t want to hang out with him! I couldn’t quite believe he invited the village to his house while knocking down the house that belonged to the grandparents of the girl he was supposed to be in love with!”

S: Would you like to see more Tates at Home Farm?

NP: “No, I think there is only room for one Tate on the hill! “

S: Would you like to see Joe win Debbie back?

NP: “Yes, It would be sad if he lost her in the end. I know how much he really feels about her.”

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