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‘What would Ashley say if Sally returned to Emmerdale with triplets?’ wonders Sian Reeves

(Image credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima)

Sian Reeves (opens in new tab) was scary-crazy Sally Spode in Emmerdale from 2009-2010 and, as she reveals to Soaplife, her new stage character is also bonkers.

So, what are you up to, Sian?

“I’m about to embark on a four-month national tour of Love Me Tender (opens in new tab), with singer Mica Paris (opens in new tab) and Shaun Williamson (opens in new tab), who played Barry in EastEnders (opens in new tab). The musical is set in 1950s America and features Elvis’s greatest hits."

Who do you play?

“My character is a lady mayor, who’s uptight and a bit crazy! I get to sing Devil in Disguise, too, and it’s sooo exciting.”

Have you done many musicals?

“I was in the original cast of Les Miserables (opens in new tab), 30 years ago. But once I had my daughter, Bessie, who’s now nearly 20, I tended to opt for TV roles. Bessie’s about to start drama school herself now, so Love Me Tender is a gentle step back into theatre.”

Are you not playing 'Skimpy Knickers' Bianca in Mount Pleasant (opens in new tab) this year?

“No. I did four series and it was wonderful, but I wanted to do something different. And this is very different.”

Are you still in touch with any of the Emmerdale cast?

“Yes. John Middleton (opens in new tab) [Ashley] and Charlotte Bellamy (opens in new tab) [Laurel]. I can’t believe Laurel is a raging alcoholic now! I’ve also become very friendly with Gemma Oaten (opens in new tab), who plays Rachel.”

How do you look back on your time playing psycho Sally in Emmerdale (opens in new tab)?

“It was a happy time. I loved playing Sally. She was so unhinged. It must be about time she was released from the psychiatric hospital she was admitted to… What do you think Ashley would say if she turned up with triplets?”