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100 Days to Victory – BBC2

100 Days to Victory
(Image credit: BBC/Electric Pictures)

A two-part documentary drama reveals how the Allied forces won the First World War

The story of how one of history’s bloodiest wars was finally won.

As we approach the centenary of the end of World War One, this epic two-part drama-documentary brings to life the experiences of the soldiers on the battlefields and the generals whose decisions led to victory for the Allied Forces, but at the cost of many lives.

100 Days to Victory

Allied Generals of WW1 as portrayed in the drama documentary

A mix of reconstruction, archive footage and expert analysis, the first episode begins in early 1918, when the Allies, according to Field Marshal Haig, ‘had their backs to the wall’.

100 Days to Victory - General Douglas Haig

General Douglas Haig

Facing almost certain defeat, they fought back with the ‘combined arms’ strategy – bringing tanks, aircraft and infantry together in one massive offensive.

By August, they were ready for what would be a turning point in the war – the Battle of Amiens.

TV Times rating: ****