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A girl's night in turns sour...

(Image credit: BBC)

Emma and Niamh seek consolation from their disastrous love lives in a girl's night in. A song comes on Heather's mix tape and the mood changes. Niamh tells Emma the song reminds her of Al – she's not over him. Emma consoles Niamh – they're better off without men! Niamh manages to laugh along with Emma but when Emma turns to go, the smile falls. 

Jimmi takes Heather out on a date to the bowling alley. Heather is a natural and wipes the floor with him. Jimmi gives up and lobs the ball down the alley with his eyes closed – incredibly, he gets a strike! They fall about laughing - it's clear there's a real connection.

After hours, Mrs Tembe tries her best to help Barry with some constructive criticism in a mock job interview, but he takes her comments to heart and is left feeling that he has no hope.

Also, Rob is on the trail of a man who took a car out for a test drive but didn't bring it back.