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Ben gets back on the dating scene

EastEnders - Ben
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Ben arranges to meet a guy at the pub for a date but when there’s a mix up, it seems like things won’t quite go the way he wants

Ben prepares for his date at The Vic. A nosy Jay and Donna head down to the pub to see what Ben’s date is like. When they arrive, however, there’s a bit of a mix up. Will Ben’s date go to plan?

Martin tries to explain to Stacey why he talked to Kush. But an already on-the-edge Stacey gets more and more angry. Will he get through to her?

Keegan is fuming with Shakil after seeing him apparently getting up close and personal with his sister. Shakil begs Keegan to believe that it wasn’t his fault and Bernadette made a move first.

Also, Ingrid asks Keanu out for dinner - to thank him for helping out with the broken washing machine.