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How to Break Into the Elite - BBC2

Keble College, Oxford
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In How to Break Into the Elite, BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan finds out just how tough it is to snag a decent job

BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan wants to know how hard it is for working-class graduates to break into the professions of law, banking and media.

In How to Break Into the Elite, he follows a group of students to see why, despite their degrees from top universities, the companies they aspire to work for aren’t snapping them up.

The stats regarding social mobility are pretty depressing – in fact, without contacts, a private education and a bucketload of confidence, it seems virtually impossible to get an interview, never mind a job.

So then how did Amol – a lower middle-class, state-educated kid – do it?

He meets up with talk-show host and DJ Matthew Wright, who gave him his first big break in media, to find out why he stood out.

TV Times rating: ****