Can Jason honour his promise and murder Pasiphae?

Circe informs Jason that the time has come for him to keep his promise and kill Pasiphae. It is a promise he reluctantly realises he must honour, and Pythagoras devises a potion to knock out the palace guards.

King Minos is on his death bed, unaware he is being poisoned by Pasiphae, who is troubled by the fact that the crown will pass to Ariadne upon Minos’s death.

The friends break into the palace, but Jason is unable to kill a sleeping Pasiphae, who awakes and summons the guards. As Jason flees, he is struck by an arrow and takes refuge in Ariadne’s bedchamber. She tends to his wound and helps him escape the following day.

Jason sedates Hercules and Pythagoras, and goes off to face Circe alone. After begging her to spare his friends, Jason fights and kills Circe, but returns home to bad news: Ariadne’s handmaiden has informed Pasiphae that Ariadne sheltered the would-be assassin, and the princess has been sentenced to death.

Richard McClure

As well as writing on sport and television for What to Watch, Richard McClure has contributed art and travel features for a wide variety of publications, including the Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Observer.