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Can the Doc save Louisa's life?

Louisa is sticking to her decision to leave for Spain with baby James and the Doc, typically, is handling it badly. Ruth blames his loveless childhood for his behaviour but tells him he can change and he confronts his mother Margaret who finally reveals that she is only in Portwenn because she needs some money to buy a country cottage.

As he tries to book a flight to Spain to go after Louisa, he looks through his post and discovers that Louisa has a malformation in her brain that could cause a haemorrhage if she flies. He races to the airport and rushes her to hospital where he performs an operation on her. The couple later have a heart-to-heart and Martin admits that he wants to be a better husband and they both agree that things can't go on as they are.

Elsewhere, Al talks to Ruth about his business idea of setting up a B&B for the fishermen who use her land. Meanwhile, when Bert fails to fix an electrical problem for a party, Caroline picks up a microphone and gets a severe electric shock, but after Al races to get a defibrillator kit he manages to restart her heart and save her life, winning him a date with Morwenna.