Casualty spoilers: Connie’s downfall in double-bill special

Connie in Casualty
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Will this week’s TWO-episode special spell the end of Connie’s career in Casualty?

Warning: Contains spoilers about Casualty favourites Connie Beauchamp, Charlie Fairhead, Archie Hudson, Will Noble, Duffy Fairhead, and many more!

Ciaran sets a trap

There are shocks in store for clinical lead Connie Beauchamp this week as hospital CEO Henrik Hanssen pays a visit to the ED and reveals he’s launched an investigation into the alarming over-prescription of benzodiazepines… the very drug Connie’s addicted to!

Trouble-shooter Ciaran Coulson (Rick Warden) is convinced he’s got Connie cornered and it’s only a matter of time before he can expose her. But Connie’s not going down without a fight…

In the first part of Saturday’s double-bill Connie connives to cover her tracks at work, even though it means underhand manoeuvrings! Yet she still needs her pills…

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Archie’s stabbing horror

In the second instalment doctor Archie Hudson, who’s helping Ciaran crack Connie, follows the clinical lead to a local pharmacy and catches her in the act of getting diazepam.

Unfortunately Archie (Genesis Lynea) and Connie have blundered into a robbery, which quickly escalates, and drug addict Michelle stabs Archie! At the bloody scene of the crime, Archie refuses to let Connie treat her. Later, back at the ED Archie’s life hangs by a thread, while Connie finally comes clean to her only friend…

Also in Casualty this week

Holby City’s Guy Henry guest stars as formidable but endearing CEO Henrik Hanssen. Will he twig that Connie’s hiding something when he launches his investigation?

New paramedic Siobhan (Kathleen Cranham) makes a bad first impression with boss Jan Jenning when she starts her shift this week.

Iain Dean takes Siobhan under his wing. But when he discovers some disturbing secret behaviour, he’s faced with a decision. Will he cover up for Siobhan or report her?

Elsewhere, Iain’s sister, Gem, is badly missing her boyfriend, Rash. Iain can’t figure out what’s up with Gem, but with a bit of guidance from Rosa, he manages to make a healthy change in the dynamic of their sibling relationship.

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Connie isn’t the only thorn in Ciaran’s side this week. When he attempts to unleash his outrage on the paramedics, Iain, Ruby and Jan stand together!

Meanwhile, unaware of Connie’s part in the end of her career, Duffy struggles with life as a civilian. Charlie encourages Duffy to get out and about, but when she follows his advice it’s not long before the former nurse is in the ED with a young girl who ran behind her car…

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