Casualty spoilers: Rosa’s hard home truths!

Jacey Salles as Rosa in Casualty. In paramedic unifrom for posed shot
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Rosa has some tough-love advice for David and Ollie Hide in Casualty

Rosa sets in motion a chain of truth telling in this week’s Casualty (8.50pm, Saturday - see our new and improved TV Guide for full TV listings). Will she help heal the rift between David and Ollie Hide? Elsewhere, Rash decides to play Mason at his own game. And Ruby finds herself repelled by new paramedic Lev!

Warning: Contains Casualty spoilers about Rosa Cadenas, Ruby Spark, David Hide and many more

Hiding from the truth?

Ollie opens up to Rosa during a walk in the park

A walk in the park! Ollie open up to Rosa (Image credit: BBC)

There’s tension on the Hide home front as nurse David Hide and son, Ollie, struggle with living together. Ollie (Harry Collett) feels suffocated, as David (Jason Durr) insists he stay inside while recovering from surgery…

Frustrated, Ollie asks hospital porter Rosa Cadenas (Jacey Salles) to go for a walk while David’s at work. Disaster strikes, however, when a woman on an electric scooter careers into Rosa and she needs stitches!

At the ED David’s furious Ollie defied his orders, but as he treats Rosa she tells him a few home truths! She’s also got words of wisdom for Ollie, who finally reveals what’s troubling him…

Meanwhile, Rosa opens up to Ollie about her own son. Is she hiding something?

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Ruby’s allergic reaction to Lev

Ruby Spark is unsure about Lev Malinowski as they work together

Not to be sneezed at! Ruby Spark is unsure about Lev Malinowski (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

With Casualty favourite Iain Dean’s departure last week, paramedic boss Jan Jenning has a seat to fill at Holby ambulance station. Enter new paramedic Lev Malinovsky!

As comedy Casualty introductions go, this is up there. First Lev’s late for work, immediately putting him in Jan's bad books. And when he does turn up Jan mistakes him for a drug dealer! When she finally lets him out of the doghouse, Ruby ends up having kittens. (This should all make more sense once the episode is aired!)

Welcome aboard Uriel Emil!
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Rash changes tactic

Rash in happier times with his mum Madia

Rash in happier times with his mum Madia (Image credit: Alistair Heap)

After last week’s series of disasters, this week junior doctor Rash Masum is determined to prove that he’s perfect for a more senior position at Holby. He’s even promised his father that he’s staying put!

Eager to impress, Rash pulls out all the stops to secure his place at Holby but it doesn’t quite go to plan...

Later, when fellow junior doctor Mason struggles to correctly diagnose a patient will Rash help him out, or turn it into an opportunity to help himself?

Also in Casualty this week

Dylan and David working on the wards

Mister act! Dylan and David have some fun scenes together this week (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Acting clinical lead Dylan Keogh continues to suffer fools with the absolute minimal amount of gladness.

Ethan recommends Rash take some time off to grieve the sudden death of his mother. He then sends an urgent telegram to the kettle.

And David gets short shrift when he asks Charlie for advice on teenage sons.

Casualty guest stars this week include Joe McGann, Marnie Baxter, Julie Fernandez and Gavin Spokes.

Joe McGann stars as Joe Fields, a school principle who collapses at the gym while training for a charity triathlon. Mason quickly forms a bond with the older man who’s obsessed with his fitness regime.

Joe McGann (Harry Enfield’s Television Programme, The Upper Hand, Night and Day) is in excellent form as Joe Fields, who keeps Mason and Jacob Masters on their toes with his quick wit and desperation to hide his true health.

Elsewhere, Julie Fernandez (Eldorado, The Office, Dangerfield) guest stars as Emma Thorne, in moving story. Emma's heartbreakingly been left incapacitated by a major stroke she had ten years ago. While Emma’s at home being cared for by a friend, her husband Nick (Gavin Spokes) is on a date with girlfriend of two years Ceri (Coronation Street’s Marnie Baxter). The problem is Ceri doesn’t know about Emma and Nick doesn’t know Ceri’s pregnant!

Casualty airs on BBC1 at 8.50pm on Saturday 28 September 2019.

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