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Child of Mine – C4

child of mine - Bruce & Vicki
(Image credit: Channel4)

Families who have lost babies help other bereaved parents

Families who have lost babies help other bereaved parents.

Three couples talk about their experiences of stillbirth in this powerful one-off documentary highlighting the fact that the UK has one of the worst rates of stillbirth in the developed world.

Vicki and Bruce (pictured above) are told their baby Ruby’s heart has stopped at 26 weeks and Vicki is given drugs to induce labour, while Kezia must give birth to Joshua and his stillborn twin sister Grace.

Then there’s Fiona and Niall, who are expecting their second baby after their daughter, Matilda, was stillborn at 41 weeks last year.

The loss for all three families is devastating and far-reaching, but the silver lining is that sharing their stories could help other grieving parents.

A heart-wrenching watch.

TV Times rating: *****