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Dean meets his daughter

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Jade's foster father Jonathan brings Jade to Albert Square to meet her family. Dean struggles to connect with his daughter, despite Shirley trying her hardest to get him involved. When Jade goes missing, there's a big panic, but Mick finds her and brings her back. Shirley is gutted when Dean says he doesn't want to see Jade again.

Shabnam is in a bad way after the attack. Managing to pick herself up, she tries to get to the community centre but collapses in the park. When she comes round, Jade, who has gone off on her own, is by her side. Shabnam is shocked as she realises who she is. Mick finds them both, calling for an ambulance and taking Jade back to Shirley and Dean. Shabnam later tells Stacey she felt no connection to her daughter. But there's another shock in store when the doctor tells Shabnam that she's pregnant!

Vincent has a lot of explaining to do to Patrick, Denise and Kim, as Patrick has found a hold-all stuffed full of money stashed in the house. Unconvinced by Vincent's explanation as to why he has the cash, Patrick tells Kim he can't live in the same house as Vincent any more, and moves out.