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Death in Paradise
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DI Jack Mooney is on the case when a TV presenter's body is washed up on the shore in this week's episode of Death in Paradise

DI Jack Mooney is on the case when a TV presenter's body is washed up on the shore in this week's episode of Death in Paradise

With Florence on a romantic getaway with her new man and scatty Ruby still getting to grips with the basics of policing, we don’t hold out much hope for a quick arrest.

The team are investigating the death of a TV presenter, who was on the island for an episode of a Judith Chalmers-esque holiday show.

There are plenty of motives but, as you might expect, the murder method is another mind-boggler.

TV Times rating: ****

Death in Paradise

JP, Ruby and Jack are on the case...

Last week we finally met Dwayne’s replacement, new girl Ruby Patterson, played by Shyko Amos, and her cop partner JP (Tobi Bakare) was dismayed to learn she has no formal training.

She got the job because she’s the Commissioner’s niece... and her ineptitude was obvious!

On set on the gorgeous Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe, Shyko tells TV Times the four things we need to know about Ruby…

Nepotism alert!

Ruby has no policing experience, but her uncle, the Commissioner (Don Warrington), forced DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon) to give her a job. And while JP softens towards her, their partnership is hardly the ideal match.

‘JP likes to do things by the book but Ruby gets special treatment from her uncle,’ says Shyko.

Social-media queen Ruby’s more worried about catching up with her best mates than catching bad guys.

‘She’s going to be lots of fun,’ says Shyko. ‘Ruby’s an island girl from the Instagram generation; this place is her playground.’

Wheely scary!

The scariest thing about the role was driving.

‘I passed my test years ago but I’ve never really driven,’ she says. ‘The only way to get round Guadeloupe is by car. The roads aren’t like the ones at home – people take corners at 70mph. I can’t do that in my car. I’m not Lewis Hamilton!’

Family of fans

This is Shyko’s first big TV role and her family are over the moon.

‘They’re all superfans of the show,’ she tells us. ‘Mum even told me what to do in the audition! We couldn’t stop screaming when I got the job.’

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