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Did Guy Self kill Tristan?

Guy operates on Tristan in Holby City

Is Guy Self so angry with Tristan for attacking Zosia that he'd actually end his life in Holby?

When Holby chairman Tristan Wood is found unconscious, Guy Self successfully operates to stop a bleed on his brain. But when Guy's daughter Zosia reveals she hit Tristan over the head to defend herself from his attack, Guy goes ballistic and confronts Tristan!

When Guy threatens to call the police, however, ruthless Tristan retaliates by blackmailing him, saying he’ll expose something that happened in Guy’s past if he dares get the police involved. When Guy agrees to keep quiet, furious Zosia thinks her dad's just trying to safeguard his funding from Tristan for his Neurosurgical Unit.

Guy's head is a mess - he's torn between protecting Zosia and his own career.

Acting CEO Ric orders Guy to stay away from Tristan, but when Tristan's condition deteriorates it's Guy who takes him back into theatre. But he has trouble controlling Tristan's bleed and he dies on the table. Did Guy kill him?

Meanwhile, when Raf bumps into Kim at the hospital, there’s an obvious chemistry between them. Raf’s hopeful of romance but when he discovers Kim’s been hiding a secret addiction to painkillers and a serious medical condition is diagnosed, he feels forced to reassess their relationship.

Also, Sacha's down in the dumps, particularly when it seems Essie is enjoying the single life. Sacha’s urged by Dom to embrace online dating – but does he risk becoming someone he's not?