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Earth’s Natural Wonders

What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Wednesday 21st February
(Image credit: BBC/Mairead Maclean)

How indigenous people are adapting to the modern world

How indigenous people are adapting to the modern world.

This beautifully shot three-part series continues with a look at how indigenous people are using their ancient skills to survive in today’s world.

In the South Pacific, Vanuatu islanders live off the land and sea, but their traditional fishing methods are being severely tested by the effects of climate change.

Among those we meet is Nigasau, who is teaching his teenage son to free-dive ever deeper for lobster, going down 10 metres.

In Siberia, the Nenet people must brave temperatures of up to minus 50 degrees celsius as they move their herd of reindeer across frozen tundra.

The programme begs the question: how long can these people sustain their way of life in a rapidly changing world?