EastEnders' Charles Venn joins the ED!

(Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Former EastEnders star Charles Venn makes a dramatic entrance at the Holby City ED this week when he rushes into the hospital with his unconscious friend, Karen, slung over his shoulder! It soon becomes clear that scantily clad Jacob Masters has medical experience, and he's not afraid to boss the Holby ED staff around – until Charlie and Rita put him back in his box! But before long Connie and co are turning to Jacob, as he helps them with a tricky diagnosis.

Despite initially riling Cal, Tess, Charlie and Rita, over the course of the shift Jacob manages to impress almost everyone, as he diagnoses methanol poisoning in his friend and tracks down the illegal supplier of the potentially lethal alcohol. Even Connie is charmed by his forthrightness and flirty nature. The clinical lead takes him aside and recommends he applies for a new nursing position in the department.

Jacob manages to win round nurse manager, Rita, by letting her know he's a nurses' nurse, and will never side with the doctors, and she agrees to give him a chance. But it remains to be seen whether Jacon will be an asset to the ED or a born troublemaker…

Elsewhere, Zoe is rattled when Max announces his mother is coming to visit. Stressed Cal gets help with his revision from an unexpected source – Tess! Lily has set her sights on Ethan. And Dylan's obsessive fear of the number four and reliance on his talisman nearly costs a patient their life…

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