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EastEnders spoilers: Could Tina Carter still be alive?!

Shirley and Mick hear that Tina's been spotted in EastEnders

Mick Carter and Shirley Carter make a discovery about Tina Carter, Kathy Beale vows revenge on Sharon Watts and Max Branning has a mysterious meeting

Shirley and Mick Carter hold out hope that Tina Carter is close by an episode of EastEnders on Wednesday, replacing the usual Tuesday episode (8pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

EastEnders Mick Carter

Tina Carter has been missing since Christmas (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Mick Carter and Shirley Carter are still desperate to find Shirley’s sister Tina Carter following her disappearance after Christmas.

Although it seems that Tina has been murdered by Gray Atkins after he was seen bundling her wrapped up body into his car, the Carter family still think she’s gone on the run. 

The last thing the family knew was that Tina was keen to do a flit to avoid wrongful charges accusing her of trying to kill Ian Beale.

When Mick and Shirley are approached by DCI Arthurs they fear the worst, but they are flooded with relief when Arthurs reveals that someone matching Tina’s description was seen shoplifting before doing a runner.

Shirley is desperate to get her sister back and vows to Mick she’ll find her. She feels bad for letting Tina down and she insists to Mick and Gray that she’s going to search for her. 

Could the shoplifter really be Tina? And if not, will Shirley discover a more horrifying truth?

Max sees a clairvoyant in EastEnders

Max Branning meets up with a psychic!

Max Branning is still struggling with loneliness after Linda Carter’s rejection. With the details of a clairvoyant, Bea, in his possession, he makes the surprise decision to contact her. 

Meeting up with Bea, Max is sceptical that she could really contact his dead daughter Abi. But with nowhere else to turn, he breaks down on her. Has Max finally cracked up?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 8.10 pm due to football replacing EastEnders on Thursday.