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EastEnders spoilers: Kidnapper Rainie Branning is TRAPPED by Jack Branning!

Jack catches Rainie Branning in EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Rainie Branning puts herself at risk to sneak into the Square..

EastEnders' Max Branning tells Ian Beale that they should meet up with Rainie Branning without his brother Jack Branning. He thinks it might give them a better chance of getting their missing baby granddaughter Abi Branning back.

As they wait for Rainie to arrive they’re shocked when Stuart Highway turns up instead… Rainie is over at Max’s house, thinking it’s empty, searching for Abi’s favourite toy. Rainie is shocked when Jack walks in and catches her. Will she manage to escape or has Jack got her bang to rights? In the café, Stuart keeps Max and Ian sweet by reassuring them about Abi. He claims that Rainie has gone on holiday and will return soon. Will they buy his story?

Chantelle Atkins is gutted that she missed being able to talk to the journalist about publicity for the 10k charity run. She breaks the news to Mick Carter but Mick’s mum Shirley Carter has an idea… She ropes in a photographer friend to take some publicity stills ahead of the event.

Mick’s wife Linda Carter is feeling conflicted about his idea to raise money for their son Ollie Carter’s treatment. Karen Taylor helps Linda see she should support her hubby after all.

Mo Harris is fed up with the on-going row between Kat Moon and Stacey Fowler. She ropes in Stacey’s mum Jean Slater to try to bring the pair together. When Jean and Stacey turn up at The Prince Albert, they bump into Kat. With neither of the ladies willing to back down, Mo takes desperate measures to get them to unite. But what has she said?

Also, Bobby Beale meets up with one of his friends from the Youth Offenders Unit.