The Good Nazi - Yesterday

Karl Plagge in 1943
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The story of Major Karl Plagge, a high-ranking Nazi officer who risked his own life to save hundreds of people, in a story reminiscent of Schindler's List

During World War Two, Karl Plagge was the commander of HKP 562 forced labour camp in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius.

In 1947, the war is over and the Nazis are being held to account for their crimes.

The days of Karl Plagge, you'd have thought, were numbered.

Yet when it was Plagge's turn to stand trial , a host of Jewish survivors came forward to defend him!

HKP 562

HKP 562 - date unknown

As the case unfolded, it was revealed that Plagge had actually risked his life to save hundreds of inmates and their families by creating engineering workshops for the Jewish prisoners.

This powerful documentary, which features harrowing and deeply moving tales from some of HPK last remaining survivors, is reminder of the remarkable bravery and cruelty war can unleash.

TV Times rating: ****

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