Hanssen's back!

Hanssen and Fredrick

The hospital CEO returns, but will he decide to stick around?

Henrik Hanssen is back at Holby this week, but it seems it's for purely personal reasons, as his son, Fredrik, is admitted following a car crash. In October, Hanssen took extended leave to go back to his native Sweden to be with his son, but he actually never left the UK. It transpires Fredrik had his accident as he made his way to Holby to ask his father about being a no-show.

On the ward, Hanssen tells Fredrik about his depression, and reveals how it stopped him from getting on the plane. Hanssen feared he’s passed on his illness when Fredrik reveals he's been taking the anti-depressant, Oxamorol, manufactured by the family company he runs.

Just as Fredrik begs his dad to 'come home', Fredrik's rushed into theatre with internal bleeding. As Fredrik recovers, Hanssen agrees to go back to Sweden. But there's a shock in store when Hanssen discovers the drug Fredrik's taking is still at its trial stage. It’s what caused Fredrik’s bleed and other trial volunteers have also reported very serious side effects.

Fredrik knows he must stand down as head of the business – and he wants Hanssen to return to Sweden to help save it! Will Hanssen help his son – or will he stay at Holby?

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