Holby City spoilers: Jac Naylor and Joseph Byrne REUNITED!

Holby Jac (Rosie Marcel) and Joseph (Luke Roberts)
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Jac Naylor comes face-to-face with the love of her life Joseph Byrne. And there's plenty of drama once again as Joseph's wife - and Jac's love rival - Faye needs a heart transplant...

It’s a stormy night at Holby City. Jac Naylor has just returned from ex Jonny’s wedding in the Caribbean and is keen to get stuck back into work. However, she gets a shock when she reads the case notes for her latest patient… Faye Morton.

It’s safe to say there’s no love lost between these two. To put it in simple terms Faye (Patsy Kensit) married Joseph Byrne, who was the love of Jac’s life. Faye left Holby – without Joseph and their baby – in 2010 and, when Joseph left soon after, he wanted Jac to go with him. But, Jac being Jac, she put her career before a man and decided to stay at Holby.

Jac Joseph Holby 2009

Hard times... there was plenty of drama for Jac and Joseph before he left Holby...

Now Faye’s back and needs Jac’s help. In the time she’s been away, Faye started boozing, which put a strain on her heart and now she’s in desperate need of a heart transplant. It’s down to Jac, being the best surgeon at Holby, to operate. Neither Jac nor Faye are happy about this turn of events… and both make their feelings clear. Let’s just say the claws are out!

Holby Joseph (Luke Roberts) and Faye (Patsy Kensit)

Faye's in need of a heart transplant... and Jac's the only person who can save her

Added to this, Jac then comes face-to-face with lost love Joseph (Luke Roberts). Back in the day, their love affair was intense – and here, all those old feels come flooding back. As they share a moment, it looks like Holby’s greatest love affair could be back on…

Luke Roberts as Joseph and Rosie Marcel as Jac in Holby City

As Jac and Joseph come face-to-face, the chemistry sizzles between them...

With the clock ticking, Jac REALLY doesn’t want to operate on Faye – for one thing she’s worried the scalpel might slip! But will Jac save Faye to honour her love for Joseph?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1

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