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Inside the Factory - BBC2

Inside the Factory S4 - Coffee
(Image credit: BBC/Voltage TV)

Inside the Factory returns with Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey off to a Derbyshire coffee factory, where they produce 175,000 jars of instant coffee a day

As the series returns for a fourth run, Gregg Wallace wakes up and smells the coffee – literally – as he travels to a huge instant-coffee factory in Derbyshire to see how, among other things, they capture that ‘freshly brewed’ smell as you pierce the jar’s foil lid.


Inside the Factory S4 - Coffee

Cherry and Gregg learn about instant coffee

Cherry Healey goes cold turkey while learning about the chemistry of coffee as she gives up caffeine, and Ruth Goodman finds out why coffee is ‘a cup of Joe’

TV Times rating: ****