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Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father - Netflix

Jack Whitehall - Travels with My Father
(Image credit: Netflix)

After last year’s trek around Southeast Asia, comic Jack Whitehall and his irascible father Michael embark on a European in Travels with My Father

Jack Whitehall and his 78-year-old dad Michael Whitehall hit the road again in a comedy travel series that sees the pair journey from Germany to Turkey.

After looking like a fish out of water on their trip in Southeast Asia, dapper dad is much more in his comfort zone traipsing around Munich and Istanbul, and gamely indulges his son by dressing up for a clown parade in Ukraine and trying snowy adrenaline sports in Bavaria.


Clowning about in the Ukraine

'A highlight in Budapest was the Harry Houdini museum,' says Michael, 'where Jack attempted to emulate one of his escapes. I tried to give him the slip while he was in the straitjacket but decided I’d better go back for him.

But it’s not all laughs and larks.

Michael is genuinely interested in teaching Jack about European history – taking a trip to Hitler’s lair, and hearing stories from Romanians and Moldovans who suffered during the Cold War.

'I wanted to introduce Jack to European culture, as he has lots of gaps in his knowledge,' explains Michael. 'I wanted to do a version of the Grand Tour [a 17th- and 18th-century custom of a trip to Europe undertaken by young noblemen] – though Jack thought The Grand Tour was the TV show with Jeremy Clarkson. No, Jack, I was thinking more Lord Byron…

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

Jack and Michael take a ride in Romania

'And while in Romania a horse and cart completely collapsed. I hurt my wrist. It folded in two like a Laurel and Hardy film. It wasn’t even on camera, so I got injured for nothing,' he laughs.

TV Times rating: ****