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Jordan in crisis!

Just as Jordan was leaving the Young Offender Institute last week after seeing Nylon - the teenager accused of stabbing Jordan's late girlfriend Yvonne - the young lad attempted suicide.

This week's episode picks up minutes afterwards, when a desperate prison officer begs Jordan to come back and help save Nylon's life! Mourning Jordan puts his hatred to one side and rescues Nylon. When the youth is later in the hospital and continues to insist he's innocent, doubt begins to creep into Jordan's mind. So, although exhausted and emotional, Jordan decides to do some digging around...

Confused Jordan talks to key eyewitness, shopkeeper Mehmet, who suddenly changes his story and now claims Nylon attacked police Superintendent Yvonne in self-defence during last year's riots. For the first time, Jordan begins to doubt Mehmet's version of events. And when Jordan discovers Mehmet and his wife have done a runner with their newborn baby - he realises Mehmet is a guilty man!

Determined to find out the truth once and for all, Jordan tracks Mehmet down to his shop - and not even Zoe can stop him...

Meanwhile, nurse Aoife discovers a CCTV tape in one of the hospital bins. After Zoe watches the tape, doubt turns to certainty as the video shows shop owner Mehmet stab Yvonne. Alone with Mehmet and his family, Jordan finally gets to the truth and, afterwards, decides to leave Holby for good. Zoe is now the permanent Clinical Lead for the hospital.