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Liam Bakes – C4

Liam Bakes - Liam Charles on his new series
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Great British Bake Off favourite Liam Charles gets his very own show, Liam Bakes!

Great British Bake Off favourite Liam Charles gets his very own show, Liam Bakes!

Liam Charles gets back into the kitchen to share some of his favourite recipes with us, with the rule being: there are no rules.

Inspired by his Jamaican heritage, films, TV and comics, Liam wants to make baking fun and believes everyone can do it, even if you’ve only ever boiled an egg before.

When Liam first entered the Bake Off tent at the beginning of the 2017 series, the best he was hoping for was a Hollywood handshake, ut the nation fell in love with him, and before he knew it, fan favourite Liam was co-hosting its spin-off show Bake Off: The Professionals!

Now he’s got his own show, Liam Bakes which is set in his ‘gaff’ – a TV studio that looks like his dream flat – and features his family and friends, including his mate Weyland.

Liam Bakes

Liam and Weyland sample Mega Choccy Cupcakes

‘It’s really cool, but mad,’ says Liam, 21. ‘I didn’t think any of this would happen! I’m trying to take every day as it comes, and I want to show people that anyone can bake.'

In the first episode, cola cream and cherry filled eclairs, cupcakes and a four-layer party cake – featuring peanut butter sponge, chocolate brownies, salted caramel buttercream and chocolate chip cookies.

What other goodies does Liam have in store for us?

'There’s an ice cream sandwich: it’s ice cream between two biscuits,' he reveals. 'There are different toppings on both sides – it involves putting biscuits, popcorn and Smarties in a blender!'

Liam's thrilled that he's got his own series, but he's not the only who's pleased…

'My nan is proper chuffed,' says Liam. 'It’s crazy for her – she used to buy me flour and eggs when I was on student finance. She still wants to chip in – she doesn’t 100 per cent get that I’m earning money now. She told me to get a part-time job the other day!'

TV Times rating: ****