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Louis Theroux's Altered States: Love Without Limits – BBC2

Louis Theroux's Altered States 1/3 – Louis with (clockwise from top left) Joelle, Marilyn, AJ and Mattias. They are part of an extended polyamorous family in Portland, Oregon, USA
(Image credit: BBC)

Louis Theroux explores the changing face of US culture, beginning with a look at a movement dedicated to proving that marriage does not require monogamy

In this new three-part series Louis Theroux explores how some Americans are dealing with love, birth and death.

The presenter begins in Portland, Oregon with the rising trend of polyamory – or relationships with multiple partners who all know about each other.

Louis Therous- Altered States -

Louis with Poly family (from left) Bob, Amanda and Nick, who live together in Portland, Oregon, USA

His first ‘poly’ family are Heidi and Jerry, who opened up their marriage 12 years ago. He goes with them on a date night as Heidi’s new fiancé Joe joins the family, leaving behind his wife and two kids.

We also meet Joelle, Marilyn, pregnant AJ and father-to-be Mattias, who all live together (see main picture, above, clockwise from top left).

A baffled Louis struggles to comprehend why no one is jealous or resentful.

Please note this programme airs in Northern Ireland at 10.30pm.

TV Times rating: ****