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Louise reaches out to Bex

EastEnders - Louise Bex
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Will Bex accept Louise’s apology in EastEnders or is it too late for the friends?

Louise finally plucks up the courage to apologise to Bex. Still angry with her one-time best friend, Bex insists that they can never go back to how they were again – it’s over. Realising how miserable Louise is, Michelle reaches out to her, reminding her of all the ups and downs she and Sharon have had over the years.

Lauren is relieved when she finds out that she’s got her job interview tomorrow. Wanting to celebrate, Steven treats Lauren to a new outfit and a romantic meal. When Steven suggests they make the most of the evening, Lauren heads off to get ready.

Donna is in a pickle, as she’s got no hot water or heating. When Ben finds out, he suggests that Donna move in with him and Jay. Donna pops round to have a look at their place, but Jay’s not impressed with the idea.

Also, Woody’s not made to feel welcome by the Carters.