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Louise’s secret life revealed!

(Image credit: BBC/Adrian Rogers)

In the first part of this week’s special Casualty double-bill (showing Saturday and Sunday on BBC1) viewers make some shocking discoveries about Holby ED’s no-nonsense receptionist, Louise Tyler!

Since new nurse Jacob’s arrival, Louise has been on edge, as he clearly knows something about her no one else at work does. This week, when Louise comes to the rescue of her vulnerable and disturbed young neighbour, Gemma, it emerges Louise is a former nurse, who has left her career due to a traumatic experience.

Initially Louise refuses to talk about why she left nursing, despite Jacob’s persistent badgering. Later, however, she privately looks up the details of one of her former patients…

Elsewhere Zoe and Max’s work mates are looking forward to their raucous stag and hen parties. There’s a strong possibility some of them will wake up with drinker’s remorse on the day of the wedding!

Meanwhile, troubled Dylan has given up hope of ever beating his severe OCD until Zoe visits him and convinces him to seek help. He fails to keep an appointment Zoe’s made with a psychiatrist, but later has a change of heart when his beloved dog, Dervla, makes a reappearance after running away. Zoe also asks him to walk her up the aisle…

Also in Saturday’s episode, it turns out Lily is the only one of the junior doctors to have passed her exams. Clinical lead, Connie, entrusts her to run the ED for the day. It’s fair to say Lily makes quite an impression – Connie’s impressed, but her colleagues and friends don’t approve of her authoritarian methods!