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Michael Spence is back!

Known for his maverick approach to medicine and his colourful love life, Michael Spence left Holby in disgrace last year. After carrying out a liver transplant against hospital protocol, Michael refused to be suspended by boss Guy Self and decided to quit! Knowing how important Holby’s links are with hospitals in America, this week, Guy eagerly awaits the arrival of a top professor from Chicago Bay Hospital – so he gets a shock when the VIP turns out to be Michael!

Guy makes it clear Michael’s not welcome – but Michael points out that, if he lets him stay, he may be able to help develop Holby’s pioneering Herzig heart device in the US. Unfortunately for Michael, the real reason for his return eventually becomes clear when nurse Mary-Claire finds a newspaper cutting online with the headline: “Scandal hits Chicago Bay: Top Surgeon’s Love Affair With Senator’s Wife”. It seems Michael’s been a very naughty boy…

When Guy sees the story he’s furious that Michael’s using Holby to hide out until the scandal blows over and orders him to leave. But will shrewd Michael find a way to stay?

Meanwhile, Keller ward has a new consultant in the shape of the formidable Fleur Fanshawe. Her very direct approach in treating patients has a negative impact on the entire team, who are shocked by her tactless nature. So Sacha decides it's time she heard a few home truths herself… 

Also, Jac comes face to face with her daughter Emma and has to keep her emotions in check when delivering a patient’s baby girl. She decides, with Guy’s help, to focus on her career revolutionising the hospital.