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Miss Audrey leaves The Paradise

After keeping him waiting for over a year, Miss Audrey (Last Tango In Halifax star Sarah Lancashire) finally proposed to struggling shopkeeper Edmund Lovett this week. But when the realisation that she'd be forced to leave her job as head of ladieswear at The Paradise hit her, she got cold feet. The reason for this sudden change of heart is Clemence Romanis (played by Branka Katic), a French businesswoman whom Moray knew from his time in Paris.

Clemence sweeps into town and soon captivates the shop girls with her rather modern views on women in the workplace, but she had an admirer in The Paradise's owner Mr Weston. Yet to Mr Weston's frustration, she rebuffed his advances.

He thinks she's playing hard-to-get, but there's more to her than meets the eye - as Denise finds out when Clemence tries to kiss her!

This week's other new arrival was Jonas (David Hayman), the former store detective who left town after being linked to the mysterious disappearance of Bradley Burroughs last year. 

He turns up with a raging fever, but Dudley made him feel very unwelcome until Jonas saved him from a very sticky spot!

It seems Clemence's heart was broken when her greatest love rejected her to stay with her husband some years ago and in a bid to gain revenge upon men, she attempted to lead poor Dudley astray from his beloved wife.

However, Jonas saved the day and Miss Audrey decided to forego her career and leave The Paradise to marry Edmund. But who will replace her as head of ladieswear?