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Nadiya's Asian Odyssey – BBC1

Nadiya's Asian Odyssey - with children in Nepal
(Image credit: BBC/Wall to Wall/Danny Rohrer)

The second and concluding episode of Nadiya's Asian Odyssey sees the TV chef explore Nepal, including a visit to an abbey to meet nuns who teach female empowerment

Nadiya Hussain is in Nepal this week, on the last leg of her mouth-watering travels across Asia, attempting to bake biscuits at more than 2,700m above sea level in a remote Himalayan farming community – a far cry from the cosy Bake Off tent!

Nadiya also tries buckwheat fritters and momos, traditional Nepalese dumplings, and takes a break from cooking to learn kung fu at an ancient Buddhist monastery in the hills above Kathmandu.

Nadiya's Asian Odyssey 2 of 2

Nadiya makes puffed rice for the Kathmandu supper club in Nepal

But it’s the way the Nepalese have survived a brutal civil war and the 2015 earthquake that leaves the biggest impression on her – one man, a potter, lost his home in the earthquake and has embarked on an enterprising venture to rebuild it.

Please note this programme airs in Scotland at 10.45pm.

TV Times rating: *****