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Neighbours spoilers: Karl and Mark search for missing Susan

Neighbours, Mark Brennan

Wondering where Susan is, Karl and Mark track Susan's phone. Will it lead the men to missing Susan, Elly and Bea who have been trapped by Finn?

With Elly nowhere to be found, furious Gary and Sheila think the school teacher must have gone on the run, proving she is guilty of the hit and run which has left Xanthe fighting for her life.

Meanwhile, Karl and Mark are both wondering about the whereabouts of Elly, and Karl's wife Susan. Mark still believes in girlfriend Elly's innocence but is Karl starting to have doubts? As the men track Susan's phone it points them in the direction of Maryborough - where Bea and Patrick were going to elope. Will they realise all is not well and that the women have been trapped by scheming Finn?

Either way, things are not looking good for Elly. As Xanthe finally wakes up in hospital, she identifies Elly as the driver of the hit and run car!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5