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Neighbours spoilers: Will Paul Robinson's bad behaviour push his family away?

Neighbours, Paul Robinson

As Paul Robinson continues to rant and rave about being betrayed, Susan warns him his hostile behaviour could drive his family away

Paul Robinson has been in a grouchy mood ever since he found out his son Leo Tanaka has been in a secret relationship with Paul's business partner Terese Willis. While Paul's daughter Amy Williams has just started dating Paul's one-time love rival Gary Canning.

Having so far failed to sabotage both relationships, ruthless businessman Paul threatens Gary and warns the spa manager he's not good enough to be dating Amy.

However, Paul's mean-spirited behaviour doesn't go unnoticed by friend Susan Kennedy, who warns Paul he's in danger of driving his family away if he carries on like this. But will Paul heed Susan's advice?

Meanwhile, Amy and Gary are slowly taking the time to get to know each other with some fun dates. But when Gary plans a romantic evening for the pair, will one thing lead to another and see Amy and Gary take their relationship to the next stage?

In Ramsay Street, Toadie and Sonya Rebecchi's new nanny Alice Wells is proving to be a hit with children Nell and baby Hugo.

So when the couple discover Alice is in Erinsborough to deal with her deceased daughter's estate, they decide to offer her a job as live-in nanny. But who is Alice's "dead" daughter and what is her connection to the Rebecchi family?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5