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Ordinary Lies

The last one of the drama series starring Angela Griffin.
(Image credit: BBC/Red Productions/Adrian Roger)

Angela Griffin gives a tour-de-force performance as the drama concludes...

Saving the best for last, Angela Griffin gives a tour-de-force performance.

We've seen glimpses of what might be going on with Coopers' apparently unflappable boss, Jenna (Angela Griffin), but now we witness her vulnerable side as everything gets too much for her thanks to her turmoil over IVF treatment, a bothersome work contract and, most crucially, the reappearance of her toxic ex-jailbird sister, Lizzie.

Needing to forget her troubles, Jenna makes a huge mistake on a night out, which could spell the end of the perfect life she has built up at Coopers and at home with fiancé Jake.

If only these people were honest, surely they'd all be better off?! But then we wouldn't get such a fantastic drama!