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Prince Albert: A Victorian Hero Revealed.Prince Albert in 1860
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Prince Albert: A Victorian Hero Revealed shines a light on a man who lived in the shadow of his wife, Queen Victoria, but never let that slow him down

Until the drama Victoria came along, who knew much at all about Queen Victoria’s husband? Prince Albert: A Victorian Hero Revealed aims to change all that by showing us a man full of talent and vitality.

The queen and her consort were not quite as pretty as TV's Victoria and Albert (Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes) but they were both people of incredible energy.

Prince Albert: A Victorian Hero Revealed. The queen and Prince Albert

The Queen and her consort, Prince Albert

Using access to the Royal Archives and pictures in the Royal Collection, historian Saul David focuses on Albert, to paint a picture of an often misunderstood German prince.

He married Victoria under a cloud of suspicion but by the time of his tragic death, aged 42 – from causes still disputed today – he was almost universally admired.

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By sifting through private papers, Saul charts this shift. How Albert, by hard work and innovative thinking, made an impact on British culture, government policy and even international relations in the short time he had available.

It's a fuller picture of an often overlooked man, whose place in Queen Victoria's life could never be replaced.

TV Times rating: ****

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