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Phil Daniels in Brighton, 2019

Quadrophenia: Our Generation sees Phil Daniels, Sting, Toyah Willcox, Leslie Ash and the rest of the cast look back at a definitive British film of 40 years ago

A weekend of programming to mark the 40th anniversary of cult movie Quadrophenia includes Quadrophenia: Our Generation, an excellent documentary in which first-time director Franc Roddam and cast members Sting, Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Toyah Willcox and Ray Winstone share memories of making the film.

There are some great anecdotes – including a phone call to Malcolm McLaren about the possibility of the Sex Pistols’ John Lydon starring as Jimmy (the scooter-riding Mod eventually played by Phil Daniels), and The Who’s late drummer Keith Moon asking to co-direct – plus an interesting history of the Mod movement.

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Phil told TV Times how he got the role. "I heard about the film when I was in a mud hut in Africa with Bob Hoskins filming Zulu Dawn!

Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash in 1979

Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash in 1979

"I came back to audition, but I wasn’t well and the euphoria surrounding the film passed me by.

"I got a second go, and a screen test and, all of a sudden, I was standing next to Pete Townshend [the guitarist from The Who] with the biggest smile on my face and a shirt with Vespa [the scooter brand] written on it!"

Also tonight, there’s a cast reunion for a read-through of the script (10pm) followed by a screening of the film (12.30am). Plus tomorrow, Bradley Wiggins on Mods (9pm).

TV Times rating: ****

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