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The Secret Teacher - C4

Student Courtney, entrepreneur Paul Rowlett and student Loui in The Secret Teacher
(Image credit: Tom Barnes)

Entrepreneur Paul Rowlett goes back to school - and offers some students a life-changing opportunity - in C4 documentary series The Secret Teacher

A cross between Undercover Boss and Educating Yorkshire, new C4 series The Secret Teacher sends top business owners back to school.

There, they pose as support workers, with the idea that they will meet young people who need a break.

Paul Rowlett, a marketing mogul, was expelled from school aged 15 with only one GCSE.

Paul Rowlett in The Secret teacher

Businessman Paul Rowlett goes back to school in C4 series The Secret Teacher

But what persuaded him to take part?

'I had such a bad experience at school and having the chance to go back made sense to me,' he explains.

'Visiting made me feel embarrassed about how I acted, but as a child you don’t realise how hard teachers work.'

Sitting in lessons where the teacher is struggling to keep track of a class of 60 kids, Paul’s first sympathy is for the staff.

But then he meets pupils with untapped potential who remind him of himself at that age, including Loui.

'He was a replica of me as a kid!' explains Paul.

'When I saw him selling sweets out of his bag, it made me laugh. I used to sell second-hand clothes at school.'

During the show, we see Paul is about to shock some of the students with a life-changing opportunity.

TV Times rating: ****