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Snow Animals - BBC1

A snow leopard in the snow
(Image credit: BBC / Shutter Stock / Abesolom Zerit)

In Snow Animals, Liz Bonnin discovers how animals living in some of the planet's most inhospitable environments survive in freezing conditions

In Snow Animals, the brilliant Liz Bonnin presents this charming look at how animals survive in the most extreme winter temperatures (Monday, 7pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

These include animals that have evolved some impressive adaptations, like the American bobcat which has amazing hearing for detecting its prey under thick snow and soft paws so it can silently hunt.

It's also adopted a varied diet so all its nutritional eggs aren't in the one basket.

A male red deer in the snow

Cold comfort: A male red deer

She also explains why sika deer in Japan are one of the most resilient animals on the planet and how the Arctic fox is a master of disguise.

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As a polar bear uses a thick layer of fat as well as fur to stop the heat leaving its body, the sea otters in Alaska have one of the thickest coats in the animal world to keep cold water away from its skin.

Finally, watch out for the adorable footage of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys as they huddle to keep warm in Southern China.

TV Times rating: ****