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The Choir: Aylesbury Prison - BBC1

Gareth Malone behind bars
(Image credit: BBC/TwentyTwenty)

In The Choir: Aylesbury Prison, Gareth Malone goes to jail… all in a good cause

In the Choir: Aylesbury Prison, Gareth Malone takes on his toughest challenge yet when he tries to set up a choir in Aylesbury Young Offenders Institute (Monday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

Governor Laura Sapwell with Gareth

Governor Laura Sapwell with Gareth

Research shows that music programmes have a huge impact on rehabilitation and can cut re-offending.

But as Gareth attempts to work with 18- to 21-year-olds inmates, many of whom have committed violent crimes, he faces logistical nightmares, reluctant performers, violent behaviour and constant prison lockdowns.

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"It’s by far the most challenging environment I’ve ever worked in," Gareth told TV Times.

"I want to prevent reoffending and help these guys look to the future in a hopeful way.

"I wanted to show that these people are not demonised monsters.

"The problem is they are human beings who’ve made terrible mistakes. I hope people will see the complexity of these people."

And Gareth really is determined to show these young men they can turn their lives around and express themselves through music. Powerful and inspirational stuff!

TV Times rating: *****