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Peter Sutcliffe in 1983
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The Yorkshire Ripper Files airs some awkward truths about the killer and his victims and asking why the police took so long to finally unmask Peter Sutcliffe

Another chance to see The Yorkshire Ripper Files, an excellent three-part series (showing over consecutive nights) examining the notorious case (Monday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

Despite launching the biggest manhunt in British history, it took the authorities six years to catch Peter Sutcliffe, but could the notorious serial killer have been brought to justice sooner?

Women's rights campaigner Nina Lopez

Women's rights campaigner Nina Lopez

In this three-part series, Liza Williams re-examines the case and asks whether the police’s attitude towards women – and particularly prostitutes – hindered their investigation.

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As the tales of ignored evidence and missed opportunities get more staggering, we are left with a damning portrait of the West Yorkshire Police and 1970s society. In a heart-wrenching interview, one man even recalls a neighbour saying his murdered mother, who slept with men to feed her family, "deserved all she got".

TV Times rating: *****

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