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Ella Al-Shamahi Viking Warrior Women
(Image credit: National Geographic/Lucy Schofie)

National Geographic’s one-off documentary Viking Warrior Women looks at new evidence that female Vikings fought along their male counterparts

National Geographic’s investigative foray into the Viking world, Viking Warrior Women, has a forensic-drama feel thanks to archaeologist Ella Al-Shamahi’s detective-like presenting style.

It’s pretty hard not to share her enthusiasm as Ella (pictured above) presents evidence that some Viking warriors may have actually been formidable women and not just men, as previously thought.

Joined by other respected archaeologists, she examines ancient remains and burial sites in Scandinavia and England.

Facial reconstruction Viking Warrior Women

Facial reconstruction of the skull of a Viking woman found in Norway, as seen in National Geographic’s Viking Warrior Women

Using new forensic data and incredible cutting-edge technology, she puts forward a clear case that, in fact, these warrior women may have even commanded armies.

Following this is Ultimate Viking Sword, a look at the Ulfberht blade. Carried by the fiercest warriors and created by a secret process, it is thought to be one of the greatest swords ever made.

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TV Times rating: ****