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Will Big Mac steal hospital drugs?

(Image credit: BBC)

When we catch up with Big Mac this week he’s on a short fuse and struggling to get through his shift. And it’s all because the healthcare assistant has developed a secret addiction to painkillers and has no more prescription pills!

Desperate for some relief he asks Zoe for a repeat prescription. She’s surprised he still needs the pills and refuses to give him more.

Later, when nurse Robyn Miller asks Mac to help her move some boxes of medication, the desperate medic spots an opportunity and steals a pack of painkillers without her noticing.

While the rest of the staff go out for a drink, Mac tells them he’ll follow them on, and heads to the toilets to dose up on his stolen tablets...

Meanwhile, Max gets a call from Mercedes’ son, Connor, who is trapped in a bin and needs his help. When preoccupied Mercedes finds out she accuses Max of having an inappropriate relationship with her teenage son – until Zoe steps in and sets her straight!

Elsewhere, Mac lets Jacob know Mercedes could be involved in dealing a bad batch of drugs that are doing the rounds in the city.

Also this week, Lily can see through Ethan’s forced joviality but decides to play along with her friend’s ‘Be more Cal’ plan. And there’s a terrible tension between Connie and Jacob. Lovesick Jacob wants answers after their near-fatal rescue mission, but Connie remains tight-lipped.